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Grave Robbers From Outer Space: Director's Cut!

Grave Robbers From Outer Space: Director's Cut!

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Recently funded on Kickstarter and back from the dead, the classic card game Grave Robbers From Outer Space lives again!

All of the GROS expansions.

The original Grave Robbers was nominated for an Origins Award, spawned nine sequels, and sold tens of thousands of copies.

It managed to tap so directly into the movie memes and tropes that we so love and adore that the website TV Tropes wrote, "Basically if someone made a card game based on this wiki, this would be it."

But modern times require more modern rules. Where it's still the same Grave Robbers that you've come to know and love at its very core — and you can still play by the original "take that!" style rules — the game's mechanics for standard play have been overhauled to make it more balanced, customizable, and enjoyable.

This deck contains the first 10 Feature Packs (card lists are available at -- simply shuffle any two together and you're ready to play:

  • 01 All in the Family
    "The perfect neighborhood hides a deadly secret."
  • 02 School Daze
    "Final bell rings, the terror just begins."
  • 03 Camping in the Woods
    "What was that noise? Probably just a werewolf..."
  • 04 Keep Watching the Skies
    "They don't look like they come in peace."
  • 05 Cops & Bombers
    "Soldiers turn from hunters to prey."
  • 06 The Shambling Dead
    "Zombies that just... keep... coming."
  • 07 Mad Science
    "What's that, Skippy? It's alive?!"
  • 08 Creatures of the Night
    "Vampires and the folk who hunt them."
  • 09 College Slasher
    "Blood stains the hallowed halls of knowledge."
  • 10 Mall Rats
    "Teen angst meets terror in the heart of retail."
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