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Bleeding in the New Year

Bleeding in the New Year

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We were successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Hello folks! You funded our return. We promised more cards. So here they come! The Academy for Resurrested Games and Holdings (ARGH) is back with a new expansion for Grave Robbers From Outer Space. This time: Vampires. So many vampires. Six new Feature Packs absolutely chock-full of vampires!

  • 01 - Hammered Dracula
    Where Much Lee Way Found its Place in the Plot
  • 02 - Vamp Boys
    The Worst Thing About Living in Santa Carla...
  • 03 - Somebody the Vampire Slayer
    That's an Unusual Name For a Girl
  • 04 - Vampire Hunter "B"
    Not the Anime A-Team
  • 05 - Bram Stalker
    The Godfather of All Vampire Flicks
  • 06 - Innocent Blade
    Vampire Vampire Hunters Hunting Vampires!


This set introduces a new Character Trait 'Vampire' which allows a 'Vampire' Character to Duel other Characters one-on-one in other Movies. But instead of killing their Victim, they bestow the Trait 'Ghoul' upon them, and a 'Ghoul's Total Defense = 0 against future 'Vampire' attacks.

This way you can use your 'Vampire' Characters to soften up your opponents before slinging your 'Vampire' Creatures at them. And with new ways to boomerang the undead back into your hand, you'll keep them on their toes for the rest of the game.

Your Vampire Slayer may team up with an Alucard or Van Hellsing to protect the Flaky Ingenue from the Alpha Vampire and his gang of Teenage Vampire Hoods. Or she may fall victim to Scary Old Man (or Hairy Old Man, or even Very Old Man) or the alluring Carmilla. Or mix and match them with some of your old friends, like the Aged Vampire Hunter, Vampire Beach Babes, or classic Dracula himself from Grave Robbers From Outer Space: Director's Cut with new synergies.

Finally, be sure to watch out for Skippy the Undead Hellhound!



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